Ansonia Community Organic Gardens

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Monthly Meetings:

Join us at 10:30am the first Sunday of the month for our Monthly Meeting!

Elected Officers for 2019:

President: Pat Evans
Co-Vice Presidents of Education & Public Relations: Richard Armstrong & Ray Muszynski
Vice President of Building & Grounds: Lisa Noble
Treasurer: Tom Noble

Congratulations to our new board!

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Rules & Regulations

The following regulations have been adopted to ensure the orderly use of the property entrusted to the Ansonia Community Organic Gardens:
1. No herbicides (weed killer) or pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are to be used at the gardens. Only organics approved by the Connecticut D.E.P. Pesticide Compliance Division will be allowed to be used at the gardens.
2. All members shall maintain neat and orderly, well-marked plots and keep their gardening materials and equipment within the confines of their assigned area. Personal property may be left at the garden at the member’s own risk; all members shall respect the personal property and plots of other members.
3. Biodegradable debris such as weeds may be left at the community debris pile on the far corner of the property; non-biodegradable debris such as plastics and metal should be removed from the property and disposed of appropriately. Any plot that a member will not be using in the following year must be cleared off completely at the end of the garden season.
4. As this is a community garden, all members are expected to take an active role in the general maintenance of the property. During the annual spring meeting, members will have the opportunity to discuss what tasks that they are willing and able to take responsibility for during the coming year.
5. The front gate is to be kept closed at all times during the growing season. When there are no members in the garden, last member is to close the gate.
6. All members are expected to comply with the rules and regulations of the Ansonia Community Organic Gardens, which include:
· Refraining from hunting, trapping, or distributing the local wildlife.
· Keeping dogs and other pets restrained at all times.
· Not possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages on Garden property
· Obeying all applicable federal and state laws, including those prohibiting the use of drugs or any other illegal substance.
· Hours: Sunrise to Sunset
Any member who does not comply with the above rules shall forfeit their gardening privileges. Re-admittance shall be at the discretion of the remaining members.
Liability: Any person or group who is granted the use of vacant public land for gardening purposes shall indemnify and save harmless the city and all its officers, agents, and employees against suits and claims of liability of each name and nature arising out of, or in consequence of the use of public land.
Have a happy and bountiful gardening season!