Educational Programs

All participants must pre-register and adhere to the new rules list.
Now and always, the health and safety of our staff, volunteers, and visitors is a priority. We are excited to have reopened our facilities and to provide programs. Here is how we are working to keep everyone safe.

For Your Class:

  • Per State of Connecticut guidelines, face masks must be worn by class participants in the building.
  • Physical distancing of 6ft should be practiced between groups at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer is available for your use
  • No passing or sharing items between groups
  • All participants must fill out a Waiver of Liability before attending class

No walk-ins will be allowed to participate.

These programs are available for public and private schools, home-school groups, summer camps, and more!


  • Ansonia Public Schools – FREE
  • Other schools–$6 per student for up to 2 classes, (48 students)-  $1 per student materials fee for certain classes listed below
  • More than 48 students, $8.50 per student with an additional $125 for picnic pavilion rental.

Note:  A class = a maximum of 24 students and a minimum of 10 students.    Teachers and parent/chaperone are free. 

Classes over 48 students are required to rent our picnic pavilion for $125 per day, with an additional refundable $200 clean-up deposit. Deposit is returned when pavilion is left clean.

To schedule a program please contact us at:
Phone:  203-736-1053
Hours:  Mon. thru Fri. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Programs can be adapted to any age group. Content and activities will be adjusted accordingly. Contact us with your needs, and we will gladly adjust the program to meet your requirements. Work with us to design a program tailored just for you! 

Spring / Summer Programs

AMPHIBIANS WITH ATTITUDES -Learn to identify frogs,  toads and salamanders.  Hike to our vernal pool to explore a unique wetland habitat.
Time Required: 1 hour     Grade Level PK-5       

REPTILES RULE – With the advent of warm weather and snake sightings, we bring an introduction to nature’s most misunderstood animals.  Children will have a chance to meet one of the Nature Center’s resident snakes.
Time Required:  1 hour       Grade Level PK-5      

BODACIOUS BIRDS – What makes a bird a bird?  Feeding Adaptations, Fabulous Feathers, Name that Bird, and Neotropical Migrants in Trouble.  Meet some of Connecticut’s birds and learn about their reproductive strategies, adaptations, camouflage, and migration patterns.
Time Required:  1 hour   Grade Level PK – 5      

PONDING – Collecting, Identification, and Animal Release.  Involve your class in a hands-on lesson about the food chains found in fresh water habitats.  The class will visit Redwing Pond with simple equipment to catch, observe and release the small residents that live there.
Time Required: 1 ½ hours  Grade Level PK-6         

Involve your class in a hands-on lesson exploring the importance of soil for sustaining life on earth.  Students will examine and classify soil samples and discover the importance of decomposers in the ecosystem.
Time Required: 1 ½ hours  Grade Level 2-6  

Fall Programs

INCREDIBLE INSECTS – Learn the parts of an insect and about metamorphosis.   Students will learn the parts and life cycle of these beautiful critters.  Take a walk to observe some in the wild. Insects, Insects Everywhere, arthropod architecture, secret signals, Let’s Go Bugging.  A fun-filled way to learn about the largest group of creatures in the world and their amazing array of life styles.
Time Required: 1  hour  Grade Level Pk-5       

GOING BATTY – Bat systems, friends or enemies, games, meet Belfry the Bat.  Learn about how bats survive, and their important role in our environment, as we discover their hunting technique and take the bat quiz!
Time Required: 1  hour   Grade Level – All       

SEEDS AND PODS – This activity is designed to focus on the diversity of Connecticut’s plant life.  It’s  a great time of year to discover thousands of seeds and the many ways plants have developed to travel.  The varied color, shape, taste and texture will amaze you.  We will go outside for a hike to look for seeds and pods in nature.
Time Required: 1 ½ hours     Grade Level-All   

FALL DISCOVERIES – How do plants and animals adapt to New England’s winter climate?  Take a close look around you using all the tools at hands.  Learn how our senses may be used to discover nature.  We will take a hike and use all our senses to  discover season changes.
Time Required: 1 hour     Grade Level PK – 3    

Winter Programs

ANIMAL DETECTIVES- Skulls/ Scat and Animal Tracks –  Animals are all around us even if we don’t see them! Students will be encouraged to use their nature detective skills to see who might be lurking around us by looking for animal signs such as tracks, scat, and animal homes.  Become an animal detective by looking for animals clues to  understand what animals are doing.  Students will make their own plaster animal tracks and while they dry, we’ll go outside to look for animal signs.   $1 extra materials fee per student to make a plaster track.
Time Required:  1 hour    Grade Level -All

MAPLE SUGARING – (Seasonally during February and  March) Making spiles, identifying trees, tapping, boiling sap.  Have you ever tasted real maple syrup?  Learn the process and how to make the tools you’ll need to tap your own trees. It will yield the best syrup ever!  Please note, classes are limited due to environmental conditions:  sap and weather permitting.
$1 extra per student materials fee for ice cream and maple syrup.
Time Required: 1 hour    Grade Level- All

ANIMALS IN WINTER– What’s going on in the woods? How do animals survive the winter?  A felt board story of seasonal changes in the natural world.  A visual exploration of the seasonal changes and the effect upon the wildlife living at the Ansonia Nature Center.  Includes a nature walk.
Time Required:  1 hour     Grade Level PK – 1

OWLS – ECO – INVESTIGATIONS – Food chains, producers & consumers, owl prowling to nest site, pellet prying, use your owl eyes.  A fun-filled class of surprise and discovery while learning all about our illusive but common night time birds of prey.  Meet our resident owl ambassadors.  Owl pellet dissection available on request.   $1 extra per student materials fee if doing owl pellet dissection.
Time Required:  1 hour    Grade Level 3 – 6

Other Programs
  • The First Americans
  • Creature Feature
  • Survival
  • Wild Edibles
  • Fire Making
  • Animal Rehabilitation
  • Seasonal Discoveries
  • Wetlands/Watershed
  • Reptiles & Amphibians
  • Nature Trail Walks
  • …..and more.

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