Wish List

Did you know that our animal care is funded by YOUR donations? That’s right! We are only given a small stipend by the town of Ansonia to care for our resident animals. It’s our donors that make our animal care possible–thank you for everything that you do!

If you’re looking to make a donation, here are some of the things we are looking for:

ANC’s Wish List:

  • Frozen Mice (for the Owls & Snakes)
  • Guinea Pig Pellets
  • Shrimp Pellets
  • Turtle Pellets
  • Dove Seed
  • Grit (for birds)
  • Live Mealworms
  • Live Large Crickets
  • Live Pinhead Crickets
  • Yesterday’s News Pellet Litter
  • Alfalfa/Timothy Hay (for Guinea Pigs)
  • Marine Salt for salt water aquariums
  • Water dechlorinator (for aquariums)
  • Filter carbon
  • Filter fiber
  • UVB Lights
  • Red Night Heat Bulbs
  • Reptile Heat Pads
  • Calcium Sand
  • Reptile Hides
  • Reptile plants (fake)
  • Gift Certificates to Shop Rite, Stop & Shop, and Big Y (for food for the animals)
  • Gift Certificates to Petco (for animal supplies)
  • Gift Certificates to Staples & Art Supply StoresĀ  (for educational supplies)
  • Bird Feeders
  • Suet Cakes
  • Sunflower & Mixed Bird Seed
  • Good Quality Hand Pruners & Loppers
  • New Shed
  • Large Flat Screen for Powerpoint Presentation

Thank you for your support!